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GPS Fleet Tracking

Super-fast mapping and powerful cloud computing provides real-time, up to the second vehicle location information.

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Field Data Collection

Build and send custom mobile forms to a smartphone or tablet, where your fleet can fill them out on the go from the field.

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DOT Compliance

Ensure your most important asset – your drivers –  are operating your equipment safely and properly. FMCSA-compliant electronic logging.

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Fleet Maintenance

Web-based fleet maintenance that integrates with GPS fleet tracking for a powerful fleet management combination.

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Reduce Fuel Costs

 Verify Time On Job

Recover Stolen Equipment

 Increase Fleet Efficiency

 Improve Customer Service

 Improve Safety & Security

 Improve Productivity

 Extend Equipment Life

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Put your fleet in control like never before…

Reduce Fuel Costs

By reducing vehicle speed, idle times, and improving routes and schedules, fleets are able to reduce fuel spend by as much as 20%.

Improve Safety & Security

Changing the way your drivers operate your equipment will lead to improved safety. Location-based alerts provides visibility into unauthorized use and potential security issues.

Increase Fleet Efficiency

Through detailed trip reporting and summaries of fleet activity gain insight into fleet utilization. Identify opportunities to cull the proper vehicles from your fleet. Stay lean.

Improve Productivity

Better planned routes and visibility into in-field driver performance drives increased productivity and additional jobs and work orders on a daily basis.

Improve Customer Service

Reduced response times, identifying closest crews to a job-site, and the ability to validate your historical whereabouts all lead to improved levels of customer service.

Go Green

Make your fleet green and reduce your carbon footprint. Properly maintained and efficiently utilized vehicles reduce your carbon footprint.

What our customers are saying….

The Locus team was here for two days and in those two days we were fully deployed and trained. We've had numerous vehicle tracking systems before and none of them were as easy to deploy and use as this product.

Customer from Ohio.

The system allows us to see all of our equipment locations at any time, which is really beneficial when operating across multiple states. I estimate that we have probably cut our fuel usage by 10% by reducing our idling at job sites and improving driver behavior.

Customer from North Dakota

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