Fuel purchases may represent your single highest vehicle cost throughout the lifetime of your fleet vehicles and understanding how much you are spending can help identify potentially expensive mechanical problems with fleet equipment long before they occur. Control your fuel spend with the Maintain™ fuel management module.  The Maintain™ fuel management module provides a full range of features that track, monitor, and analyze fuel consumption so you can improve fleet efficiency, identify waste,  and improve buying behavior.

Fuel Management Dashboard



Fuel Records Management

Fuel management incorporates gas card data, fuel card transactions and maintenance purchase information into the Maintain™ solution. This allows you to view your complete fuel spend and better understand your fleet’s fuel utilization.

  • Identify trends in fuel usage through useful graphs
  • Determine if different brands of fuel affect fuel economy
  • Compare fuel usage across the vehicle fleet
  • Enter fuel records at the point of purchase with a mobile device

Fuel Card Integration

Analyze fuel card transaction data within your Maintain™ fuel management module to easily analyze use trends, vehicle misuse,  or maintenance issues that require immediate attention.

  • Identify irregularities in fuel usage
  • Mange your fuel spend against budget
  • Minimize fuel theft
  • Import fuel records from third-parties

Fuel Reporting Tools

Keep tabs on total fuel spend and fuel performance metrics with the Maintain™ fuel management module fuel reporting tools.

  • Easily identify total fuel spend
  • Break down fuel spend by asset by fuel unit
  • Identify average usage level per asset
  • Easily identify inefficient fuel use

Reduce Fuel Costs

 Verify Time On Job

Recover Stolen Equipment

 Increase Fleet Efficiency

 Improve Customer Service

 Improve Safety & Security

 Improve Productivity

 Go Green

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