Maintain™ includes a robust fleet expense tracking module designed to identify high-cost units and improve asset life cycle replacement decisions based on total costs or current utilization levels.

  • Identify recall work, warranty work or non-warranty work
  • Import from other applications or export records for archiving or additional analysis
  • Generate expense reports across your entire fleet, including cost per mile
  • Identify cost trends or maintenance needs with older vehicles
  • Compare costs across your entire vehicle fleet

Fleet Expense Tracking & Reporting

By comparing costs and identifying trends, Maintain can help you determine if you are spending too much on preventive maintenance, servicing your vehicles too frequently or have vehicles that are consuming abnormal amounts of fuel.

  • Review all expenses by period
  • Compare fuel economy or costs per mile across vehicles
  • Review weekly, monthly or annual service costs
  • Export a list of vehicles
  • Review taxable expenses

Detailed Fleet Expense History

Keep track of your fleet vehicle’s service history, including oil changes, tire rotations, routine maintenance, payments or parts & accessories is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your vehicle’s safety, reliability and value. Enter as many or as few details as you need. Store receipts. Mark records as taxable. Breakdown cost details.

  • Service & Repair History
  • Parts & Accessory History
  • Tire Management Data
  • Vendor Payment History

Surplus Management

Fully-documented vehicle service history is the surest way to maximize surplus and disbursement value of dead-lined fleet vehicles. Share a complete vehicle service history with prospective auction bidders.

Maintain includes a surplus “virtual window sticker” that posts as a public webpage for prospective surplus auction bidders.

  • Increase auction bids by 10%
  • Fully-documented maintenance history
  • Validate MPG history

Reduce Fuel Costs

 Verify Time On Job

Recover Stolen Equipment

 Increase Fleet Efficiency

 Improve Customer Service

 Improve Safety & Security

 Improve Productivity

 Go Green

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