Track™ is an enterprise-class GPS vehicle tracking system. Track™ takes the guess work out of where vehicles are located and how they are being operated. Packed with powerful reporting and instant alerting capabilities, Track™ provides a layer of transparency that delivers tangible cost savings to the bottom line. Pair Track™ with the optional Mobile Data Collection module for a powerful mobile workforce management solution.

Powerful Mapping

Ultra-fast and intuitive mapping provides operations and dispatchers instant access to location-based data. Industry standard, Google Maps, provides a feature rich base map with easy-to-use controls, all powered by the cloud for anytime, anywhere access.

  • Easily track the location and current status of all of your assets.
  • Identify last known locations, vehicle speeds, and points of interest.
  • Advanced satellite-based mapping views and real-time traffic data.
  • Detailed trip-based reporting.

Trip & Route Audit

Validate that your drivers are operating equipment efficiently by reviewing trip replay and route audit information. The trip and route audit function provides a recap of the vehicle’s day broken down into specific, relevant trips. Provide proof of service and identify route inefficiencies.

  • Identify late starts or early finishes
  • Intuitive breadcrumb trail of day’s activity
  • Identify average and maximum trip speeds
  • Identify idle time relative to trip length and duration
  • Identify unauthorized stops or route deviations
  • Trip length and total trip time calculated

Real-Time Alerting Engine

Ensure your employees are adhering to organizational use policies related to your vehicle fleet operations. Drive Return on Investment by leveraging both real-time and historical alerting, defined by the user, in known problem areas of the organization.

  • Quickly identify vehicles entering prohibited areas or off-route.
  • Identify habitual speeding idle violators with historical and real-time idle alerting.
  • Reduce unauthorized use with ignition on/off reports.
  • Identify vehicle health issues before they become a problem with low voltage detection and proactive maintenance alerts.


The quality of your real-time and historical location alerts are a function of the quality of your geo-fences. Geo-fences are imaginary boundaries ranging from large political boundaries to small construction sites or customer locations. We believe we have built the most intuitive and easy to use geo-fencing engine in the industry.

  • Identify vehicles that have entered prohibited areas
  • Identify vehicles that have left route or depots
  • Immediately be notified of unauthorized vehicle use
  • Understand dwell times at customer or stop locations

Mobile Manager

Obtain timely information when you need it, where you need. Available in the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores, the Locus Mobile Manager enables your on-the-go supervisor and management staff to easily access the full power of the Locus vehicle tracking system.

  • Mobile Mapping
  • SMS Text & Email Alerts
  • Real-Time Vehicle Status
  • iOS & Android Support

Powerful Fleet Reporting

Standardized reports provides in-depth view into what is happening within your fleet and allow your organization to quickly analyze vehicle usage data and improve decision making. Reports are accessible any-time, exportable into a variety of formats, and are conveniently delivered to your inbox on request.

  • Trip Reporting
  • Speed and Idle Reporting
  • Stop/Dwell Time Reporting
  • Easily accessible and exportable

Role-Based User Groups

Larger organizations will appreciate the scale that Locus provides by providing granularity to vehicle grouping/sub-groupings and user/account assignments with proper permission levels. This granularity ensures that we model your organizational structure effectively.

  • Unique and assigned roles will determine what users are able to view/read/write in the application.
  • Individual departments/divisions/regions will only see vehicles and assets assigned to them.
  • Management will have full access and view into all of the hierarchized organizational data.
  • Easily scale large enterprise projects.

Reduce Fuel Costs

 Verify Time On Job

Recover Stolen Equipment

 Increase Fleet Efficiency

 Improve Customer Service

 Improve Safety & Security

 Improve Productivity

 Go Green

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