Maintain™ is an enterprise-class, cloud-based fleet maintenance system. Maintain™ can be deployed as a stand-alone, web-based solution or packaged with the Track™ GPS fleet tracking system for a powerful fleet management solution. Easily manage vehicles and assets from anywhere. Keep your assets on the road.

  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Extend equipment life
  • Reduce parts costs and inventory
  • Reduce fuel  cost and total cost per mile
  • Improve regulatory compliance

Fleet Maintenance Dashboard

All of your fleet maintenance data at your fingertips in an easy to navigate fleet maintenance dashboard.

  • View due or overdue preventative maintenance or inspections
  • Work pending with issues displayed in priority order
  • Calendar of upcoming tasks
  • Tracks current MTD fuel expense
  • Tracks MTD monthly parts and maintenance expeses

Maintenance Task Alerts

Avoid costly repairs and vehicle downtime by taking an offensive position to fleet maintenance.

  • Easily setup reminders for any maintenance needed
  • Mileage or date-based reminders
  • Email and text notifications when tasks are due
  • Minimize vehicle downtime by scheduling maintenance ahead of time
  • Avoid costly problems caused by accidentally missed routine maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Minimize vehicle breakdowns and down time by ensuring equipment is serviced at proper preventative maintenance intervals. Maintain™ includes a preventative maintenance template designer to manage preventative maintenance tasks and provide user-definable alerting based on miles or calendar dates.

  • Utilize manufacturer recommended schedules
  • Create maintenance schedule based on VIN
  • Create maintenance schedule based on Make/Model/Year
  • Build from scratch “template” schedules

Manage Work Orders

Create, edit, and manage fleet maintenance work orders directly in the Maintain™ cloud application.

  • Standard Vehicle Inspection
  • Engine Oil and Filter Service
  • Extended Vehicle Inspection
  • Transmission Fluid and Filter Service
  • Fuel Filter Service
  • Spark Plug Service
  • Coolant System Service
  • Complete Customization

Powerful Reporting Tools

By comparing costs and identifying trends, Maintain™  can help you determine if you are spending too much on preventive maintenance, servicing your vehicles too frequently or have vehicles that are consuming abnormal amounts of fuel.

  • Review all expenses by period
  • Compare fuel economy or costs per mile across vehicles
  • Review weekly, monthly or annual service costs
  • Export a list of vehicles
  • Review taxable expenses

Reduce Fuel Costs

 Verify Time On Job

Recover Stolen Equipment

 Increase Fleet Efficiency

 Improve Customer Service

 Improve Safety & Security

 Improve Productivity

 Go Green

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